Universal Investment Group Limited is backed by over 35 years of valuable business experience of JP Desai family.

The JP Desai family came to Dubai from India in the early 1970's and set up retail business. Since inception the group embraced the corporate philosophy of - work hard, innovate constantly and diversify continually. Today the group has an extensive portfolio of business that spans across 4 countries and 8 different business segments.

The success of Universal Investment Group Limited rests on sheer hard work, dedicated team, strategic partnership and it’s visionary leadership. The group is committed to ensuring that its investments create exceptional value for it’s partners; provide security and prospects for employees and generate outstanding results for clients.

In the coming years the group has aggressive investment strategy focusing on F&B, Retail and beauty industry.


our mission

To become a global corporation by maximising and diversifying our investments across various industries and markets
our vision

Set business foot prints across 6 continents
Our values
: Love what you do
: Impossible is nothing
: Strength in number
: Where there's a will, there's a way
Our philosophy

Work hard, innovate constantly and diversify continually